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This Morning’s Prayer – Tuesday, 11/19/2019

Good morning, mighty men and women of God!  This Morning’s Prayer examines the secret place and time spent with Father God!

Father, we are back again; back in the secret place!

This is where life gets transformed!  This is where true communication with You takes place!  This is how true intimacy is exchanged!

When there is no one else around, no distractions,  just the two of us, change takes place!

Just as in a marriage, privacy is where two become one.  This is how You abide in us & we abide in You! 

Father, when we are alone with one another, there is an exchange between us.

The secret place is where we receive the confidence to walk out the plans & directives You have given for our lives.

Meeting with You, we gain insight to Your Word. 

Consistency in the secret place breeds trust for both; me in You & You in me!

The secret place is where faith grows, watered by prayer & fertilized by impartation.

Father, the secret place is called by many names: the prayer closet; the war room; the throne room; & so forth.

It is a place of transparency, where dirt & grime are cleansed away through confession; where plans of growth are conceived & implemented!

It is where requests, petitions & supplications are entertained,  even discussed; a place where blessing, honor, glory & power are recognized,  even revered!

It has already been said, but bears repeating, the secret place is where extreme intimacy is experienced!

This morning, the Father is saying, “Come, experience the secret place!  Make it a regular part of your day.  Even consider starting AND ending each day in My presence!  It will change your life!

Father, our desire is intimacy with You, so into me, see!

In the name of Jesus we pray,  amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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