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Our class has been postponed until February. The church leadership has decided to close all extracurricular activities in order to give the staff some much-needed time to rest. I will post the next meeting date once it becomes available. Come and explore the book of Revelation with us.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

The book of Revelation is probably the most controversial book in the Bible! However controversial it may seem, Revelation is also one of the most important writings we have available concerning the Christian life today.  It is a compulsory read for anyone serious about living their life for Jesus Christ.


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This Morning’s Prayer will celebrate the completion of four years of daily prayers on October 18, 2022. There are more than 400 recipients of this daily offering, that we know of, with many of our readers posting it on their Facebook pages and other social media platforms. It is the start to a great and God-filled day!


Listen to the podcast episodes that are taken from the book, “Revelation: The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ.” Challenge yourself to a greater understanding of the end times according to the Word of God.  Click here to listen to the podcast episodes!