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This Morning’s Prayer . . . Thursday, April 25, 2019

Good morning, you mighty men and women of God!  This morning’s prayer focus for us (and spouses) is  concerning the selfless life of a believer.

Father, this is a hard concept to grasp, for it goes completely contrary to the standards of the world.

Father, Your Word tells us to die daily and to pick up our cross and follow You.  This is the basis of becoming selfless.

O, Father, it is so hard many times to crucify our own personal thoughts, goals and desires.  But this is the process of selflessness.

Father, selfless lives build others up, even when we are being scaled down.  Selfless people rejoice when others are promoted to the places we desired for ourselves.

Father, selflessness asks how a goal can be met without feeling the need to be personally recognized.  O, how wretched we can be!

Father, the lives of Your children are measured by our hearts of submission and obedience to You and Your plans.

Father, this selfless life of a believer often includes heartache and disappointment in the physical realm. But encourage us to see the rewards that are gained in the spiritual realm.

Father, when promotion passes us by, may we rejoice for those who receive it!  When our gifts and talents are stifled by others, help us to remain calm, not responding in frustration or criticism.

Father, You know the plans You have for us.  O, that we would look to You, trust in You, fully submit to You!  For only You can take us where no one else is able; to our destiny in You!

But, Father, help us to remember that it comes with an appointed time, in due season.  Praise Your holy name!

In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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