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This Morning’s Prayer – Monday, 9/23/2019

Good morning, mighty men and women of God!  This Morning’s Prayer considers our daily successes and failures.

Father, regardless of where we may be, we are able to come into Your presence.  This morning, come meet with us, for we need your touch!

Others may call this an addiction or a crutch, but we call it our very breath of life; how we manage to function each and every day.

Father, a successful day starts with our preparation; meeting with You.

Many start the day without consideration of preparation, only to come to You in the midst of temptation or a test.

When they do not excel in their own eyes, they become downcast, even doubting that You are with them or even care for them.  This can become such a cycle of madness.

Father, may we all start our day in Your presence, listening for Your still, small voice of grace and mercy, while putting on Your armor.

When we face any type of adversity, that we would realize the true victories are not in the successes or failures of the day, but in standing with unwavering faith in You.

That in having done all we can do, that we would just remain standing for Your Word and truth.

You do not measure success and failure as the world does.  Your standards of accomplishment are always measured by Your Word.

Father, if we will abide in You, seeds will be planted, even when it doesn’t appear to be so.  By our stance for righteousness, seeds are planted that may take months, even years, to produce a harvest.

Let us not suppose that we have failed just because someone has appeared to outwit us or foil our reasoning.  True victory lies in the truth we dispense, not what others do with it; that is their choice. 

O, that we would remain faithful to daily complete our assignments.

Come, meet with us daily.  Come, give us rest in Your presence.  Come to speak zoe life into our souls.

This is how we fight our battles!

In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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