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This Morning’s Prayer – Thursday, 10/17/2019

Good morning, mighty men and women of God!  This Morning’s Prayer ponders the impartations of God.

Father, as we participate in things You have for us, suddenly we realize just how much they have blessed our lives, as well as others!

These things are conceived & birthed in the secret place, through constant, intimate communion with You.

You always provide what we need to complete those things for which You have purposed in us.

At times, we are just not confident in what already lies within us.

There are times when we just don’t have the strength or understanding to complete the task.

Father, during these times, Your fresh impartations come to us.

Often, we ask for prayer, not fully understanding what we truly need, but feeling like You have more for us.

Then suddenly, You come in power, depositing things into our lives!

We may not truly know what You have just delivered at that time, for the impartation might not be for immediate use.

Father, in those times, help us to not question what You have done, but rather to trust & grow into their intended use.

Your impartations come for various reasons: to strengthen our immediate concerns; for power or wisdom, even both, through prayer for others.

They could be for additional gifts & talents because we are faithful in using our current abilities.

Your impartations come through the laying on of hands by spiritually mature saints, or through our private, intimate secret place meetings.

Father, these impartations are radically necessary for us to continue in our spiritual growth.

They empower us to move mightily through the spiritual  battle grounds daily.

They give a greater understanding of Your existence; Your power to reign over all things.

Father, bring those special deliveries of Your impartation as we maneuver through this life.

May we bring You great pleasure as we fulfill our destiny in You!

In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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