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This Morning’s Prayer . . . Monday, March 25, 2019

Good morning, men and women of God!  This morning’s prayer focus for you (and spouse) is regarding being the bride of Christ.  In the days of the Lord Jesus walking this earth, marriages were arranged by the parents, through their wisdom and understanding.

Father, thank You for giving us ears to hear Your bidding to come to You.  For we have been faithful to accept Your invitation.

Father, we have been instructed to change into our wedding garments and trim our lamps, making sure we have enough oil to refuel; for according to Your schedule, we are just hours away from this glorious event.

Father, Your Word says the Bridegroom is in His final preparations before returning for His bride.  The event is scheduled and the banquet hall is prepared.

Father, You have also taught us that the guests have arrived, full of excitement and anticipation.  The sound of the music is about to happen.

Father, the shofar is preparing to announce the presence and union of this glorious Bridegroom to His bride; both arrayed in white, adorned with precious jewels.

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY says:  “Have you made yourself ready?  This will only happen once.  It is time for the bride to finish her preparation and dawn her veil, for there is a glorious ceremony that awaits her!  Your Bridegroom will arrive unannounced at any moment to receive you to Himself.”

Father, may we be prepared and full of excitement, waiting and watching for His return; our eyes fixed on the clouds of the eastern sky!  Glory!  Hallelujah!

In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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