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This Morning’s Prayer . . . Monday, February 18, 2019

Good morning, men and women of God!  This morning’s prayer focus for you (and spouse) is regarding GIVING.  We have spent so much time on the love of Yehovah that many of us have forgotten that there are other characteristics that we should be taking on as well.

Father, this morning come to us and speak individually to Your children about giving.  Open our eyes to the various ways You would have us to give.

Father, that we would realize that giving is not just about our finances, but about everything You have given for us to steward for You.

Father, help us to grasp that giving also involves time and energy, including our giftings and talents.  That when we become born-again, each child is to start growing, taking on Your attributes.

Father, when Abraham was willing to give up Isaac on the altar, You responded by providing Yourself a ram.  When Peter and John went for prayer, they had no money to give to the beggar, but they gave what they had, prayer that availed much, and the beggar was healed of his infirmity.

Father, for You so loved the world that You gave Your only begotten Son.  Help us to live by Your Word with regard to giving, for it says, “Freely have you received, freely give.”

In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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