Jeff Ferguson and his wife, Lynne, are the husband and wife team of JWF Ministries International, Inc. that has been active in the calling of short-term missions work, whether at home or abroad.  While at home in Decatur, IL, both are actively involved in their home church.   They have also conducted Bible studies in their home for family, friends, and other who are interested in knowing more about the Lord.  When abroad, Jeff and Lynne share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, praying for and watching the Lord respond to individual’s needs, requests and healings.

Jeff  has been a licensed and ordained minister since 1998 and currently is credentialed through the Independent Christian Churches International (I.C.C.I.) as a 501 (c) (3) ministry.  He is an experienced praise and worship leader, musician, seasoned short-term missionary, conference speaker, author and teacher of the Scriptures.  Lynne is gifted in the areas of administration, prayer and discernment and compassion for those who are seeking the Lord.  Her heart is evident as she is frequently surrounded by children wherever they go.

Their ministry focus is to teach the Holy Scriptures and then pray for the needs of the people present, watching as the Lord moves to answer their petitions.  “As short-term missionaries, our hearts are to see people saved, mentored, and matured in the Lord so that they can repeat the process with others.  Because we are filled with the Holy Spirit, our desire is to live a daily life worthy to be called Christians.”