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Social injustice, social distancing and masks, the coronavirus pandemic, earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars; is this really the end times?  When thinking about the book of Revelation, death and destruction, lawlessness and chaos seem to be the focus of most people.  Humanity, especially Hollywood, seems to have an insatiable appetite for the sensational devastation and death that is predicted in this biblical prophecy.  The problem with this is most media sources miss the main point for which these catastrophes occur; the call of God for His creation to reunite with Him.

The book of Revelation is probably the most controversial book of the Bible!  Which piece of literature throughout history has had more written about it, with such widely divided opinions and differing beliefs?  And yet, through all of the existing material, there is still widespread confusion and improbable comprehension regarding this prophecy.

However controversial it may seem, Revelation is also one of the most important writings we have available concerning the Christian life today.  It is a compulsory read for anyone serious about living their life for Jesus Christ.

Revelation: The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ takes the reader verse by verse through the entire 22 chapters of Revelation, giving accurate, but easy to understand explanations.  It is designed as a study guide for the children of God, at every level of understanding!

The book of Revelation is both a continuation and ending of the story that began in the book of Genesis.  So come, let us explore together the final chapter of the greatest story ever told!

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What others are saying about

“Revelation – The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ”

In his book, “Revelation: The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ”, Jeff Ferguson helps readers unpack the mysterious final book of the Bible, verse by verse, step by step. It is imperative that believers have a solid grasp on God’s plan for the last days, and there’s no better time than now to get equipped! Read Ferguson’s book alongside your Bible and experience the Revelation of Jesus Christ!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
President/CEO of Christ for all Nations

Orlando, FL


“This work should be in every minister’s arsenal as a fair and balanced outlook on the most serious question of our day.  The eschatological climate we are in is, for the most part, being ignored in pulpits.  I believe it is soon to return to the interest of those seeking answers of the future.  Revelation: The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of your studies and will enhance your conversational ability while discussing and ministering the coming age.”

 Gregory L. Holley

              Metro Archbishop – Independent Christian Churches International

Houston, TX


“Today we have in our hands a treasure for the body of Christ.  One of the most complex books has been dissected.  Jeff Ferguson gives interest throughout the entire book to every single chapter and verse.  Through this effort, he connects the book of Revelation to the rest of the Bible.  The chronology and events related to the Second Coming of Jesus are clearly exhibited.  It is written in an accessible and comprehensible style for the readers.  The Church now has a tool to teach the book of Revelation to seminaries, bible schools, and training centers.  I highly commend and recommend this book!”

 Dr. Paul Kabore

Superintendent of the Apostolic Mission Churches of Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa


“Jeff Ferguson’s book is one of the best analyses of Revelation that I have had the privilege to read.  His comprehensive overview of this challenging book will keep you engaged and will continue to stir your curiosity of end times.  Jeff has explained the contents of this great biblical book so that everyone can glean wisdom from it.  Great study!”

  Rev. Dave Dolan

Bishop – I.C.C.I. Midwest & Senior Pastor – New Life Church

Sullivan, IL


Revelation: The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ is a book you will not want to put down until you have read through to the last page.  The author has taken one of Holy Scripture’s most complex books and broken it down, verse by verse, giving us a simplified look at what John received from God.  While many opinions from countless Bible scholars exist concerning the prophecy of Revelation, I think this book will bring much clarity to the reader, and in a more easily understood manner.  Each passing day and every world event that unfolds demands a fresh look at the book of Revelation and what it is saying to us.  Jeff Ferguson will give you a better understanding of the treasures and hope Revelation holds for the Church; and a solemn warning to those who reject Jesus Christ.  I believe this book will be a significant addition to your study library!”

 Delbert Herren

Archbishop – Independent Christian Churches International

Texas City, TX


“Like many of you, I’ve read the commentaries and the other authorities on the book of Revelation.  In Revelation: The Full Disclosure of Jesus Christ, Jeff Ferguson profoundly delivers the various arguments, theories, beliefs, thoughts, and systems concerning the reality of eschatology.  He goes beyond the usual ties to the book of Daniel and 1 Thessalonians, systematically showing us verse by verse what it says concerning the end-times. This work should be in the hands of every pastor, bible study and small group leader, or any person who wants to know what the Bible says about Revelation and the last days.  This is by far the most thorough, well researched, and best organized work on Revelation I’ve found, period!”

Rev. Nathan Merz

Shake the Foundations Ministries

Bellevue, NE

“I know Jeff Ferguson as a man seeking hard after God’s heart; a worship leader, global missionary, and a Bible teacher.  In this study of Revelation, Jeff focuses on understanding and honoring the work of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Not an expose’ on “signs of the times,” which so many get side-tracked with, but a better understanding of ‘hope.’  With clear verse by verse explanation, Jeff helps to educate those reading, even giving grammatical study helps to understand the Greek language Revelation was written in.  Jeff has gone to great lengths to help us understand!”

 Rev. Chris Vieth

Associate Pastor & Minister of Worship – First Baptist Church

Rochester, IL


“End-times!  It appears the world is not ready to end.  However, God has a set time for events to unfold and there will be no delay or cancellation of the ending. No other book of the Bible dedicates its entirety to last days than Revelation. What Jeff Ferguson accomplishes is to take Revelation and break it down so to easily eat and digest. And he does it in such a way that captures the youth, but also lays hold of the mature saints.”

Rodney Hill

Board member of JWF Ministries International, Inc.

Decatur, IL