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Have you read through the book of Revelation?  Were you able to understand the text?  Do you have study bibles, commentaries, and other resources, but still feel totally confused?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  The Revelation Project, a product of those exact feelings and frustrations, is a 4 1/2 year labor of prayer and study to help all who want to understand the plan of God for the end times.  This is a text book sized (8.5″ x 11″), 336 page in-depth study designed to help break down the misconceptions and false assumptions that have so long been associated with the book of Revelation.

The price for an individual book is $20.00 USDThere is special pricing available with a purchase of 5 or more.  Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Unveil the end-times plan of God with this study of Revelation through the following points and many, many more!

  • Discovering truth regarding biblical prophecies

  • Understanding the different interpretational views of scholars and commentaries

  • God’s purpose for the book of Revelation

  • The blessings and beatitudes concealed in Revelation

  • The full disclosure (complete unveiling) of Jesus Christ as Creator, Savior, Lord, King and Judge

  • Christ’s accolades and criticisms of the seven churches

  • The seven-sealed scroll

  • The Kinsmen Redeemer

  • The seal judgments, trumpet judgments, and bowl/vial judgments

  • The 4 horses and riders of Revelation

  • The revised 12 tribes of Israel and the 144,000 witnesses

  • The two witnesses in Jerusalem

  • The antichrist, the false prophet and the mark of the beast

  • Mystery Babylon – the harlot of false religion

  • Babylon the Great – world politics, commerce, and finance

  • The Second Coming of Christ

  • The Millennium

  • The Great White Throne of Judgment

  • The New Jerusalem, The New Heaven and New Earth