October 25, 2021

In hot pursuit!

Father, this morning there is a great desire for more of You; to have You meet us here in our secret place. Come, meet us here.

You know the place, for You have been here many times. Come in Your majesty and speak Your divine wisdom so we can benefit and help others to know You more.

Just as the Shulamite woman was in search of her lover, we cry out in desperation for You! Come now, and touch us as no one else can.

For we long to be in Your presence, feeling Your touch, hearing Your voice, being totally overwhelmed by Your beauty and love!

Come in the majesty and splendor that are only found with You, for we have placed a demand for Your presence today and forevermore.

O LORD, let this love affair bring life, peace, and total satisfaction, for Your love is unquenchable. It leaves us desiring more and more.

After having experienced this love, there is no drawing back or falling away, for it leaves us desperate, thirsting for You.

Father, the multi-faceted love You lavish upon us can never be fully understood by us until the day we stand in Your presence.

Yes, we are in hot pursuit of You, growing stronger day by day, because we are convinced, overwhelmed and overtaken by Your presence.

Having been in Your presence just once leaves us hungering for more of You. We are desperate for Your presence every day. Can You withstand our pursuit of You? 

Come and fulfill our diligent desire to be with You so we can attempt to return the love You have so graciously lavished upon us.

Father, truly, there is none like You. Come and touch us today with the love that only You can give. Bless us with Your presence. 

In the name of Jesus we pray.   Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!