This Morning’s Prayer – Tuesday, 01/21/2020

Good morning, mighty men and women of God! This Morning’s Prayer concentrates on the discipline of praying your way to victory in the LORD.

Father, the average pastor in the United States spends only 10-15 minutes in prayer a day.  For those who are not pastors, the numbers are significantly lower than that.  These prayers are usually spent on asking You to bless our families, our jobs, and our food.  

Only through a commitment to continual, personal and intentional prayer will we initiate revival in our land; yes, Father, only through 2-way communication with You will this be accomplished.

Forgive us for not devoting ourselves to quality secret place time with You daily, making You the priority of the day.  Also, forgive us for mindlessly repeating traditional prayers that most often don’t capture our attention, much less our hearts.   

We should come to You for all things, spending time in Your presence because of who You are, not just because of what You can do for us.

O, that we would humble ourselves and pray, seeking Your face and not Your hand, turning from our own ways, knowing then that You will hear us, forgive us, and heal our land.

Your house is to be a house of prayer.  But Father, where is Your house?  Is it not within each one of us?  Truly, You have made us the temple of Your Holy Spirit. 

Let us rejoice daily with thanksgiving in our hearts and a shout of praise for all You have done for Your children!

As we gather, may we not need to be prompted to pray, but be the example to others that Your sanctuary is the place where You meet us corporately.

Father, as we become faithful and diligent in prayer, send a tsunami of revival through every land where prayer is offered up to You.

Bring the living breath of life back into this earth for Your Word and for righteous living; to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and cleanse the modern day lepers!

O LORD, as we come to You, let there be the sound of victory in our hearts and through our lips, knowing that You have overcome the world. 

Have Your way in us and through us for Your glory!  Let us pray our way to victory in and through You!

In the name of Jesus we pray, amen!

Have a great and God-filled day!  Shalom!!

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