October 03, 2022


Abba, the word this morning is very difficult, but it is necessary for the children of Your family. It is the reason Your kingdom is not exploding with growth in this country.

My biggest issue is that the people who read these morning offerings are not the people who need this message the most.

Abba, when Jesus walked this earth, He gathered twelve young men as His core group and called them disciples. The word “disciple” is the root word from which we derive the word “discipline.”

It is the education, instruction, cultivation, and improvement regarding order, precepts, regulations, and even laws. In this case, the disciples were learning about Your kingdom.

It took a while, but they eventually became so engrossed in Your precepts that they turned this world on its ear with their faith and public testimonies. They were disciplined!

Abba, these were just twelve young men who boldly infiltrated the darkness of this world with the light of Your Word.

Today there are literally millions of people who call themselves by Your name, yet there is just not much growth in Your kingdom, at least in the USA.

We have become undisciplined in the Way, becoming self-absorbed and unintentional with propagating growth for the kingdom of heaven.

Actually, if discipline is the adherence and growth in Your Word, then undisciplined must mean the opposite.

Abba, forgive us for any areas of our lives that are undisciplined. May we quickly repent of selfish ways and turn those areas over to You.

Being undisciplined is willful disobedience. Disobedience is rebellion, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

Abba, purify us from all things that cause us to be undisciplined. Bring discipline and order to our lives so we can properly turn others toward You!

In the name of Jesus, we pray! Amen!

Have a great and God-filled day! Shalom!!