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How has This Morning’s Prayer affected your life?  Has The Revelation Project raised your awareness of the end times?  This ministry exists to help others draw closer to the LORD! 

Take a moment to testify, for the LORD is good, and His mercy endures to all generations!

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Nathan Merz from Papillion wrote on June 19, 2019:
What an awesome prayer this morning on Joy. A fabulous reminder on what joy is, who it comes from, and what its basis is . . . foundational. Can't tell you how much better my days are when they start with these devotional prayers. Thank you, Fergie.
Arnitha Frazee from Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044 wrote on June 13, 2019:
Good morning Jeff! Love the daily Devotion. I pass it on to family and friends. I’m forever amazed at how God works and how each day you talk about every day concerns and how we should be living our lives. You are anointed of God. Thank you for sharing your “God given” devotions. God’s blessings and protection upon you and your family. Arnie Frazee
Admin Reply by: admin
Thank you, Miss Arnie, but all the credit and glory go to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! He knows just what we need and when we need it. Amen!
Christine Stiles from Choctaw wrote on May 17, 2019:
Your brother sends me your prayer. I love them and thank for your prayers and the work your doing for The Lord. He missed one day and I missed it so much. I texted Bev and asked her why I didn’t get it. Lol cGod Bless You again! Your friend in Christ.
MIKE from JONES OK. wrote on April 8, 2019:
I look forward to these every morning to start my day. It is amazing how The Lord works through Jeff with His truth in the Word. Keep up the great work Bro as you allow Him to work through you!
Admin Reply by: admin
He really is my brother! Thank you, Fergie! Love you, bro!
Arnie from Guthrie, Ok wrote on March 18, 2019:
This morning’s devotion quoted one of my favorite Bible verses I learned as a new Christian, Psalm 27:1. Coming from a troubled background in my youth, God so led me out of darkness into His marvelous light, but I did not give my life over to Him until I was 35 years old, I’m now 74. My journey with Him has been astounding as he continues to grow me daily. Your brother , Michael, forwards this to me daily as well as others. I then send it on to my hubby daily. I want you to know that your devotion is far reaching and has touched me daily, often speaking to my life and God’s intentions for me and my family. Thank you!
Stephen M. from Decatur wrote on March 7, 2019:
I just wanted to tell you that my sister's bible study class was studying Revelation and I loaned her your book, "The Revelation Project." She said she liked it better than the other books she was using and got more out of it than the others. Good stuff, Jeff.
Nathan Merz from Papillion, Nebraska wrote on March 7, 2019:
Wow what a challenging prayer this morning. There are a lot of things I think that I do for God or in His Name out of the obligation. What a great call to do so out of a genuine desire to hang out with Him, be in His presence, and go deeper with Him. Definitely needed this today.
Troy B. from Decatur, IL wrote on February 12, 2019:
Jeff, since I can't be at church due to my job, these things you send me help an awful lot. Hopefully someday I'll get back to church and be able to meet you. Thanks.
Chris V. from Decatur, IL wrote on February 12, 2019:
Jeff doesn't just share a prayer - he is communicating within the language of Life; the Living Word of God! He is sharing a way of life to us who are reading. An example is being given - Jeff is teaching how to come before God Almighty, God our Father, God our Shepherd, God the Lover of our souls, God our Sustainer (to name a few, for the attributes are too many for this space!) and communicate with Him - not just giving Him our "shopping cart" of requests. This builds a relationship!